A time of change

The world is being shaken. Our collective wellbeing is under pressure. The fundamentals of life are being questioned...

"What will my future hold?"

"Who and what can I trust?"

"Where can I find peace of mind, in the midst of uncertainty?"

"[Complete the blank]"

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It's better when we're together

Social networks are growing in scale and value, serving to keep us digitally connected. For anything and everything, we reach for our devices.

And yet our wellbeing and mental health remains in decline....

What can we do to better promote the health and wellbeing of people online? How can we ensure quality over quantity of our online networks? What can we do to awaken deeper levels of connection, direction and purpose, amidst challenging times?

Reimagining online community ▼

Reimagining online community

Imagine a new, values-led online community, with a vision to benefit the wellbeing of all.

5 reasons you'll want to belong...

  1. Give to the wellbeing of others – it's the best investment you'll ever make!
  2. Enrich your own life – doing good for others will always come back to you
  3. Grow your circle of trusted friends – go deeper on topics that really matter to you, with people you trust
  4. Step out more – be bolder in your life, backed by the encouragement of others
  5. Find a deeper level of connection, direction and purpose!

Introducing myself ▼

Hi, I'm Tim Jameson


Our mission purpose statement

"MakeLifeClick is reimagining online community. We're values-led, with a vision to serve the wellbeing of all. Our mission is to awaken deeper levels of connection, direction and purpose in people's lives. We believe in the power of trust and that we're better when we're together."

Values-led ▼

A values-led community

The community will be built on 7 core values...

  1. Trust
  2. Humility
  3. Honesty
  4. Kindness
  5. Appreciation
  6. Courage
  7. Curiosity

It's good to belong ▼

It's good to belong

You'll love MakeLifeClick, especially if you're...

  • Seeking depth over quantity in your social networks
  • Wanting to help others and be part of positive change
  • Tired of social media noise
  • Unimpressed by labels and status
  • Curious about the deeper, more philosophical questions of life
  • And more...

It will be a place to make your life 'click', whatever this means for you.

Content & features ▼

Content & features

The community will collaborate in a number of ways. The main areas will include...

  • Open discussions inc. video meetups
  • Interest/social groups
  • Articles written by the community and beyond
  • Curated content from around the web
  • Podcasts
  • And more...

Latest reflections ▼

Latest thoughts

 All articles will open on LinkedIn via new browser tab (or app if installed)

Picture of someone looking at a smartphone screen

Habits of a lifeline

By Tim Jameson on 17th Sept, 2020

Do you enjoy just being still? Do you take 'hammock time' to allow your mind to breathe and best ideas to flow?

Picture of cap bearing the words Love Your Neighbour

The kindness mindset

By Tim Jameson on 10th Sept, 2020

Believers in the power of the benefit mindset know that when we show kindness to others, it has a habit of finding its way back to us...

Picture of person's shadow on a tree trunk

What makes you you?

By Tim Jameson on 3rd Sept, 2020

What's the one thing you feel supremely qualified to teach other people? How do people change or transform as a result?

Preview launch ▼

Preview launch

We're excited to be running a preview launch October-December this year (exact dates TBC).

Everyone involved will play a key role in shaping the new community experience, whilst making some exciting new connections!

The preview will be application only, with a limited number of spaces.

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